What is a Gift Card?

Gift cards are reusable, stored-value cards that provide merchants an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our high quality gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and when redeemed. And since most consumers spend more than the amount on the card, merchants enjoy the additional profit. Use gift cards
to promote sales events, new products, and new locations.

Benefits of a Gift Card Program

Customers have the opportunity to quickly and easily find gifts for any occasion
including holidays, weddings, birthdays, or graduations. Consumers appreciate the
added convenience and merchants enjoy the many benefits. Some of the benefits

  • Increase cash flow by having consumers prepay for services
  • Promote impulse purchasing and additional sales
  • Improve brand awareness within the community
  • Real time web-based tracking and reporting are provided for retailers and consumers
  • Security features reduce fraud and duplicate usage
  • Easy reconciliation and reporting systems to save time
  • Fast transactions and ease of use at the point of sale
  • Always know how much money is outstanding and what types of activities were processed
  • Gift cards make the perfect employee incentive
  • Issue gift cards instead of cashback refunds
  • Easily assign user privileges for all employees within a location

Gift Program Features

  • PreDesigned, Custom, and Logo card packages are available
  • Cards can be re-used and recycled through the system
  • Issue, redeem or check balance of cards instantly through a terminal or online
  • Multiple locations/franchises can share the same card and the revenue can be pooled into one account
  • Cards can be manufactured with a predetermined value or issued for any desired amount
  • Compatible with most credit card terminals and POS systems
  • Online reporting access provides full activity tracking

What is a Loyalty or Reward Card?

Loyalty and Rewards programs supply customers with cards used to accumulate dollars, reward points, or a percentage back in a merchant’s store or business. Merchants are able to predetermine the levels of rewards or points that will drive business, build a strong rapport with new customers, and keep their current customers coming back. Consumers appreciate being rewarded and earning something back on their purchases.

Merchant Benefits of a Loyalty Card Program

Gift and Loyalty card programs provide incredible benefits for merchants. Loyal customers are more likely to spend more and refer others to visit your business. Our programs provide merchants with powerful promotion and retention tools that will keep customers coming back for years to come.

  • Enhanced brand reinforcement
  • Ability to track purchase history and capture customer information
  • Tracking and reporting allows easy management of program
  • Creates better relations between merchants and their customers
  • Sets the merchant apart from the local competition
  • Promotions or special events can be launched using cards
  • Better return on investment than traditional marketing methods
  • Streamlined procedures at point of sale

Loyalty and Reward Program Features

  • PreDesigned, Custom, and Logo card packages available
  • Durable PVC plastic cards replace old paper cards
  • Magnetic stripe on back of card tracks visits, products purchased, and total dollars spent
  • Merchant can customize rewards and point levels
  • Multiple locations/franchises can share the same card
  • Compatible with most credit card terminals and POS systems